The Luck of the Irish

Jean Peterson Design, now 15 years young has successfully negotiated the last few years of economic turmoil. Lucky? Oh, lots of hard work, many blessings and of course, the luck of the Irish!

On this St. Patrick’s Day, I would like to pay tribute to a graphic designer from Switzerland. No, he wasn’t born in Ireland, but became an Irish citizen in the 60s and subsequently had a tremendous impact on Irish design. His name–Cor Klaasen (1926-1989). Cor who? My question exactly.

He was an incredibly prolific book and album cover designer who nurtured many young talents as an esteemed designer and educator. He set the trend in Irish design in the 60s and 70s and was recently honored in an exhibition devoted to his work held during Design Week in Dublin–Cor Klaasen: Jackets, Covers & Sleeves http://corklaasen.squarespace.com/. It introduced the work of this ground breaking designer to a new audience and created an appreciation for quality Irish design from the period.

And with this, accolades to Cor and his work and to the decades of Irish students who were fortunate enough to have the luck of being touched by such a talented and giving mentor who enabled them to share his vision with the rest of us. He is a true measure of what we should aspire to–sharing your time and your talent with others around you.

So, from all of us at Jean Peterson Design-O’Peterson, O’Dorr, O’McPherson, O’Gorham and O’Tinney, we wish you too, the luck of the Irish. Today, we are all Irish. Erin Go Bragh!