Name Dropping

Recently Starbucks, the infamous coffee house brand, decided to drop it’s name from their logo. It got me thinking, at what point does a company or a marketing and advertising department decide that the company is so recognizable and the brand mark is so strong they can drop the name all together? And what companies have successfully accomplished this name dropping?

Turns out that it isn’t because the company is elitist or that the brand managers just arbitrarily make this decision. There are good reasons and a lot of research goes into making and executing such a change. For the most part the company is recognized internationally or is headed in that direction. The biggest reason however is that the company is expanding into new markets with regards to products and services and wants the general public to recognize them for more than how they got their start. Starbucks for example sells tea and is expanding into wine as well. Another reason companies go nameless is they want the experience with the brand to be more personal and less about what they sell. Apple is a good example, the word alone can make you think of the ripe red fruit and not the uber cool tech products synonymous with the symbol.

In the end, with any logo change whether it be dropping the name or changing the design, it is always done in the name of evolution.

Here are a few companies who have dropped he name over the years.

Target – Biggest thing to note here…no name anywhere on their website!

Side note: The auto industry is one of the largest markets where virtually all companies can be recognized by a symbol. This is possible because of product design and integrating the brand into the product.

Now try your hand at guessing the brand behind the nameless logos!