I Have a Dream...

This is my small list of graphic designer dreams. I have a dream...

The logo will not be made larger.

All Pantone charts will be united as one.

All photography will not be stock.

That all browsers will be created equal.

Contact information will not be put in web banner ads.

Google will not use my private information against me.

I will not have to recreate someone’s bad design (logo, ad or otherwise).

Apple will outsell the PC.

Microsoft Publisher will be rendered obsolete.

Sponsor logos will not be included on all collateral.

The reply email will be read in its entirety before responding.

Of image resolution harmony.

Microsoft Word & Powerpoint will not be used as design programs.

I will not have to “try it centered.”

I will be the art director.

On a personal note, I have a dream that I will complete the Ironhorse Bicycle Classic in May and maybe meet Lance Armstrong if he is there (wishful thinking).


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