On behalf of local Ad Club, Lisa Gorham was honored with a US Flag flown over US base in Afghanistan

You may recall reading about Lisa’s recent US Army Freedom Team Salute commendation for contributions to the Army community on the news page of the Jean Peterson Design website. Last month, on behalf of the Greater Frederick Advertising Federation (GFAF), Lisa was honored again, receiving a United States flag and an accompanying certificate that reads:

“This is to certify that the accompanying American Flag was proudly flown in the face of the enemy over the American compound, Forward Operating Base Rushmore, Headquarters of 2nd Brigade RCAC-E, 203rd Corps, in Sharana, Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom on the 11tth day of November in 2009, Veterans Day. Flown by SFC Bruce A. Lyon in honor of Lisa Gorham and all the members of the Greater Frederick Advertising Federation.”

As part of Lisa’s work as GFAF Public Service Chair she has directed several campaigns including the successful Troops Care Package–AnySoldier.com campaign. This year-long mission has so far seen 110 care packages delivered overseas to US troops who have registered with the AnySoldier.com program. Not only has this campaign been a success because of the generosity of the GFAF members, but also due to the compassionate Frederick community who fill these packages with comforts-of-home donations. Lisa and the GFAF have received countless letters and cards from servicemen and women with messages of deep gratitude for the thoughtfulness of the “people back home”. One of the campaign’s recipients, SGT. Bruce Lyon of the US Army, who honored Lisa and the GFAF’s hard work with this incredible honor, was stationed in Afghanistan for a better part of 2009 before completing his final tour this past January.

The GFAF Troops care package campaign will continue to compile and ship care packages overseas throughout 2010. Donations from the public are welcome. Please contact Lisa Gorham at lisa@jeanpetersondesign.com for more information.


  1. So richly deserved Lisa and team. God Bless you and all the work you have done for our service men and women so that they are not forgotten!

  2. Thank you Catherine. It has been an honor serving the brave servicemen and women who sacrifice so much for all of us. I am proud to assist in the GFAF's continued efforts throughout the 2010 year.

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