Marketing…Guerrilla Style

Guerrilla marketing. Sounds dangerous, doesn’t it?

Well, not necessarily. The concept was pioneered by Jay Conrad Levinson in his book Guerrilla Marketing some twenty-five years ago. In it, the “Father of Guerrilla Marketing” outlined unconventional marketing methods and techniques for the small business owner to gain maximum results from minimal resources.

Since 1984, guerrilla marketing has taken on a life of it’s own, but at the root of it all it’s “an unconventional system of promotions that relies on time, energy, and imagination rather than a big marketing budget. Typically, guerrilla marketing tactics are unexpected and unconventional; consumers are targeted in unexpected places, which can make the idea that's being marketed memorable, generate buzz, and even spread virally.” *

As you search the web you’ll find varying definitions of the term and an even greater variation of examples. Grand ideas done expensively vs. grand ideas done cheap utilizing time and energy vs. a budget. Here are 5 Top Guerrilla Marketing Strategies you might want to keep in mind as you attack your next marketing challenge… “1. Creativity, 2. [The] Unexpected, 3. [Doing] More With Less, 4. Maximize Your Surroundings, and 5. Interactive.” **

But…with the good, comes the bad, and the ugly in the world of guerrilla marketing. Here’s where it can get dangerous! Granted, the unconventional and unexpected sounds great when you’re working within a tight budget, especially in a tough economic climate, but there can be misguided approaches. Here are some unfortunate mishaps to learn from before entering the wild kingdom of marketing…guerrilla style!

* http://blogs.siliconindia.com/aaditya/Guerrilla__Marketing-bid-fxDNRPbC50003059.html

** http://sparxoo.com/2009/06/22/top-5-guerilla-marketing-strategies/

The good, the bad, and the ugly! Other examples to get you thinking from a guerrilla perspective…




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