Your Website is Your Website is Your Website…Don’t Put It on a Social Media Platform

In the past few weeks I have heard several people/businesses discuss the idea of taking their website and putting it on a social networking platform such as a blog or a Ning. This is not a good idea! I’d love to hear your thoughts. But in no particular order, here are mine.

These sites and platforms are in their infancy – some will simply go away or be bought by another larger company. What does that mean for your website?

Features are being changed all the time. What if you employ a feature that is altered to your disadvantage?

Sometimes features are all together eliminated.

Many of these sites don’t allow you to archive information or pull custom reports.

Future growth could be limited.

Syndication of data can be restricted.

Narrow analytic options, if any.

Blogs, Ning, FaceBook, Flickr, Youtube, etc. should be used to drive traffic to your site and increase SEO.

FREE doesn’t mean you won’t pay, especially the paying you will do if you fall victim to one of the above scenarios.


  1. I totally agree. You should always have a Web site that you have complete control over. People should not rely on free services that can be unreliable or worse, close shop without warning. You just cannot allow your brand and reputation to not be there when a client or prospect needs the information. Your site acts as your hub and your other marketing activities, including social media, are the spikes that drive traffic.

  2. I totally agree. You need to control your website, its look and how it is managed. These sites can go down and you have no control over getting them to come back up. Plus it is crucial that your website be the central location for your online marketing efforts.

  3. Glad you all agree. Here is an article similar in nature that Beth Schillaci wrote.

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