Mail Recycling

My own mail box fills up daily with direct mail pieces so I sometimes feel bad creating projects that fill up other people's mailboxes, until I read an article in "deliver-a magazine for marketers" that is published by the United States Postal Service.

At my own house I generally send unwanted mail directly to the recycling bin. But what are all the people with post office boxes to do? In the past they have simply thrown their mail in trash receptacles, contributing to landfill solid waste. Standard mail, magazines and newspapers make up 4.4% of the solid waste sent to the landfill. P.O. Box owners now have the opportunity to recycle unwanted mail right at the post office. Launched last fall, the Post Office Box Lobby Recycling Program aims to divert paper waste from landfills. Participating lobbies have seen solid waste totals decline since the launch of the program.

To find the list of participating Post Offices in your area visit Earth911.com. You can also find a bunch of other places to recycle your unwanted junk.