Welcome Tucky Dangamuwa Our Summer Intern

Thakshila “Tucky” Dangamuwa will join our team at Jean Peterson Design of Frederick, Maryland as a summer intern.

A resident of Frederick County and a junior at Marietta College in Ohio, Dangamuwa is majoring in marketing with a minor in history. This summer she will work with the designers at Jean Peterson Design to gain experience on marketing and pr projects.

One project Tucky will play a major role in this summer is the initiation of a YouTube Channel for Jean Peterson Design. She will film short interviews throughout the summer to help everyone get to know the many faces of Jean Peterson Design. You can check out her first video at http://www.youtube.com/jeanpetersondesign

While at Marietta College, Dangamuwa has been an active member of Alpha Xi Delta, an organization that inspires women to realize their potential. She was chosen by her sisters to be their representative on the Student Senate and this past year she helped develop and publish Marietta College’s first Greek Community Newsletter. Most notably, Dangamuwa became a member of the Model UN where she represents the school in the DAYMUN and LEMIUM Conferences and is taking part in a Leaders in Action Program.

“We are thrilled to have Tucky join us this summer,” states Jean Peterson. “She has a tremendous amount energy and enthusiasm.”


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