Taboo Tuesday: 10 Typography DON’Ts

1 DON’T use more than 2 or 3 fonts per project.

2 DON’T use all-italics or all script/cursive fonts in big blocks of text, like an invitation.

3 DON’T use more than 4 different sizes of type in your project: (1) Header, (2) Subhead, (3) Body Text, and (4) Caption/Footnote.

4 DON’T use tick marks as apostrophes or quotation marks.

5 DON’T use all-caps as body text.

6 DON’T stretch or squish your text.

7 DON’T put double spaces between your sentences.

8 DON’T allow a line of body text to exceed 5 inches in width.

9 DON’T use a decorative script font in ALL CAPS.

10 DON’T use center-aligned headers or subheads with left or right aligned body text.


  1. Anonymous9/24/2010


  2. I agree with this because I think that people who do that is a complete redneck, also it looks ugly those kind of scripts and letters.