Give Me Space!...Negative Space

A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention… Herbert Simon

Close situations cause irritation. Take for example, standing in line at the post office. We’ve all had a person standing behind us so close that there is no question they had tuna for lunch. That lack of personal space can be irritating. Design is no different. Not enough space in a layout can be smelly, or at least irritating.

Irritation leads to loss of attention. The quickest way to lose an audience is to overwhelm them. Cluttered layouts tire the eye, hinder clarity and overall irritate the viewer. Worst of all, the message is lost when the viewer simply loses interest. Padding your message with space gives the eyes a place to rest and will help you to avoid drowning your viewer with too much information. Use negative space, often called white space, to guide the eye around the page and put emphasis on important information.

A little planning, a bit of a concept and nice use of negative space will help get your message noticed, read and most importantly, remembered. Less is more.

Some simple thoughts about negative space to keep in mind:

For reference, or to learn more about negative space: